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Did You Know....

Animals like dogs, cats, mice, and pigs are subjected to unimaginable pain & suffering for the products we use every day?

When speaking about animal testing, many people are surprised it is still happening, and are even more surprised it is performed on any and all animal species from dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and monkeys to farmed animals such as pigs, goats, horses. No species is safe!

All of us are familiar with the giant iconic companies we have grown up with that provide us with our cleaning products, personal care products, and cosmetics. Slogans such as “Maybe she’s born with it”, “The every pain reliever”, “We make everyday life better, everyday”, “A family company”, and “Good for life” are forced on the public via ads that offer the appearance that these companies have nothing but the best in mind for you and your family. 

However, this couldn't be further from the truth…

What they don’t show the public is how ALL of their products are tested on animals

in the most horrendous ways one can imagine. It’s their dirty little secret!


Let’s break down their very own slogans of which they are so proud…

“Maybe she’s born with it” 
In the US alone, more then 50,000 dogs are used and abused for animal testing.

Millions and millions are used the world over to test cosmetics, medicines, food

products and more. These animals are bred specifically for animal testing and are

left without any choice or chance at a normal, natural life. The companies using

animals have contracts with outside breeding facilities and puppy mills from which

they order animals to test their ingredients on. 

“The every pain reliever”
Most of the animals born into the testing industry will die unimaginably painful deaths due to the “research” inflicted on them.

The manner in which products are tested on animals is extremely inhumane. Take shampoo, for example. A dog is not given a bath with the shampoo being tested to see how shiny their coat gets or how nice they smell. The individual ingredients are force fed down their throats, injected in their veins, or dropped in their eyes.  

All “research” protocols have different levels of pain managements written in them; -no pain medication given, some pain medication given, full pain control. Many animals die during the testing phase, while others are killed in order to study the physiological impacts of the ingredients on their bodies.

“We make everyday life better, every day”
Animals in animal testing facilities are kept in tiny cages 24/7. They never experience sunlight, a kind touch, or socialization with others of their kind. What they do experience is being confined in a metal cage just big enough to turn around and stand, many times on a wire bottom floor, being fed very minimal lab food to produce the minimal amount of waste, and never-ending testing and blood draws to the point at which their veins frequently collapse. Most will experience extreme emotional and psychological imbalances due to the constant confinement of lab life. 

“Good for life”
In the animal testing industry, babies are not able to be raised by their mother. They are pulled away from their moms at a very young age and sold to testing facilities. Their mother is continuously impregnated in order to produce the maximum number of babies she is physically capable of, and, once she is no longer of use to the breeder, she is either sold for animal testing herself or simply killed and another young mother is brought in.

The babies are exposed to unimaginable pain and suffering for the length of a “study”. Some studies go on for years. These animals are used and abused their entire lives.

Many products are NOT mandated by law to be tested on animals. Yet these companies continue to do so because they’ve always done it that way. One way to make progress for animals is to be mindful of the products you buy, and to find out if they contain animal parts or have been tested on animals. 

By switching to cruelty-free products, you make a statement with your wallet and send a strong message to the companies who are still using animals to test their products. To get a shopping guide visit Leaping Bunny.

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